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BHS students under tree outside the old Basseterre Boys School
BHS Students says "Dust Killing Us" amid frustrated with temporary classroom facilities; welcome visit by Dr Douglas
BASSETERRE – Scores of Basseterre High School students poured out their frustration and health concerns with most of the temporary and uncomfortable classroom facilities at the various locations on Wednesday afternoon.

The students expressed their concern to former Prime Minister and current Leader of the Opposition, the Rt Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas and West Basseterre Parliamentarian, Hon Konris Maynard during an unannounced visit to the facilities.

"Dust killing we, Mr PM (referring to Dr Douglas). The rooms are hot, hot and dusty. Its noise all day and no one cares" were some of the statements.

“The children told Dr Douglas that the dust was making them sick, that the bathrooms were too far and some teachers don’t come over to the classrooms to them because of the condition of the facilities,” said a person who requested their name not be used.

Another said: “The visit of Dr Douglas and Mr Maynard was welcomed by the students as the Prime Minister Dr Harris, his Education...

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