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Leader of the Opposition, the Right Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas
Opposition Leader suggests ECCB oversight for Development Bank
Basseterre, - Basseterre, - In true prime ministerial fashion, the Leader of the Opposition, the Right Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas gave the citizens of the twin-island Federation and members opposite, the genesis of the new Banking Act 2015, which was debated in the National Assembly on Wednesday and suggested that the ECCB also has oversight of the Development Bank of St Kitts and Nevis .

He suggested that it was either through ignorance or deception that the government ministers seem to be inadequately prepared to debate the Bill, which they have had before them for the past 5 months.

Dr Douglas accused Prime Minister Harris and Attorney General Byron of rampant victimization of Labour supporters instead of buckling down to run the affairs of the country and referred to Team Unity’s outstanding record of victimization which pales significantly to that of preparing the people’s agenda, especially their legislative agenda.

Dr Douglas said the presentations of the government minis...

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