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Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris
Harris Tells Public Stop Coming To Him For ‘Everything’
BASSETERRE, St. Kitts- Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris is being publicly bashed for the insensitive comments he made towards the ordinary man and woman of this country who seek him out in an effort to address issues or concerns they have.

At the PM’s monthly press conference held on Tuesday 15th March at Government Headquarters, reporter Carol Philip-Tudor from The Democrat newspaper (PAM mouthpiece) pointed out to Dr. Harris that a citizen had complained to her that he had been trying to see Dr Harris since December of last year although he had an appointment.

In response, Dr. Harris stated: “…Is there a need for this man or any other citizen to see the prime minister on a particular matter. The prime minister is not the only person in service to the public and I’ve made the point that the model we are operating is a Westminster model and we have ministries where the work as it were-allocated to people and for people to function…”

More uncaring remarks followed soon after w...

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