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Musical Chairs, Political Appointees And The Politics Of Deception
There was a time maybe two plus months ago during the election campaign and the build up to it that Team Unity platform speakers could be heard telling everyone that they were about ushering in a new era in politics and would end the tribalism and political rancor that kept the Country divided. We here at this paper had warned time and time again that such talk was merely idle talk meant to sway voters into thinking that PAM and its operatives who had now changed allegiance had somehow changed their evil ways. It was all part of the politics of deception.

Admittedly that talk managed to cause some people particularly the middle class folk to believe the mirage that was painted and give Unity a chance. We at this paper would like to ask each and every one of those persons who voted imagining somehow that what Unity spoke would come to fruition, to honestly assess what has transpired since the election of 16th February 2015 and answer whether what was promised has in fact occurred. In...

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